Placing your order with us is simple.

Our product prices are in US Dollars.

If you would like to change the country or currency options, click on the Flag at the top right-hand side of our website or in the menu for mobile version. You can then select the appropriate country and currency.


Pricing and Promotions

All discount codes must be entered during checkout. We do not offer post-discount after your checkout is successful. We also do not offer price adjustments on our items due to rotating promotions.

Other promotional restrictions may apply. Please contact us with any questions.


Exchange Rates

Our store prices are in US Dollars. Foreign exchange rates are based on interbank rates of exchange. These rates correspond with the average aggregate exchange rates that would otherwise be applied to an e-commerce transaction.

Exchange rates are updated on a daily basis. You will sign up with Oanda to receive a message if exchange rates have been updated while you are shopping.


Duties and Taxes

Your order total is guaranteed at the exchange rate set when your order is placed. International taxes, tariffs, and value-added (VAT) will be calculated into your final order total during Checkout.

However, additional duty, customs tariffs and VAT are set by the destination country. They are determined based on the purchased merchandise's country of origin or manufacturing and the classification of that merchandise in accordance with a harmonized system adopted. The amount of the applicable additional duty, tariffs, taxes and VAT will vary by country and will be determined and usually does not cost more than 1%.


Payment Options

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Maestro, Diners Club, Discover, JCB.

We do not charge your card until your order is shipped. Usually after your order is placed successfully, you will see a pre-authorization on your card. This lets us know you have sufficient funds and that it gives us the green light to go ahead and process your order.

In case you see two charges on your card, this usually happens to debit card holders. These two are actually not charges but pre-authorization and final sale. The pre-authorization hold always falls off within a couple of days depending on your bank. You actually do not get charged until your order is shipped.


Merchandise Exceptions

  • Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards are not available for refund or exchange for all orders.
  • Please note that depending on our inventory, there are some items that are not eligible for domestic US/Canada shipping. This usually applies to high heat products where we have to process orders from our overseas warehouses.
  • There is no maximum order value.

Once your order has been processed it cannot be changed or canceled. Please make sure to review the details of your order before you check out. If an item is canceled from your order for any reason, you will not be charged for the item(s).


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Creating a Nakans account allows you to track your orders and view your order history. Also you're instantly a Nakans VIP member if you create an account with us. It's that simple! No fees!


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